June 16, 2023

Upcoming: The Prosthetics Invitational – August 26, 2023

 The Prosthetics Invitational is returning to Los Angeles for the 3rd time on August 26, 2023.

The Prosthetics Invitational is a unique portfolio-building and networking opportunity designed to connect make-up artists with varying skills and experience with one another. Created by Local 706 make-up artist and MUD grad Shelby Michael Patton and held at Make-Up Designory. In partnership with RBFX and Mind’s Eye Tribe, we will be providing studio space, prosthetic appliances, models, mentoring and professional photography to each make-up team entirely free of charge. This event is open to all graduates of MUD’s Main Campuses, MUD Studios and MUD Partner Schools.

Prosthetics for the event are provided by RBFX Studio, a premier prosthetics studio with a 15+ year legacy in the film industry and the prosthetics are selected and distributed to the make-up teams based on Shelby’s recommendations.

With the support of Mind’s Eye Tribe, a professional motion-capture and creature performance school in Los Angeles, each team will be provided with an experienced model appropriate for their prosthetics. While the models are provided for free, teams are expected to make sure their models are fed and well-taken care of throughout the day.

Studio and workspace are provided by Make-up Designory and will include professional photography. Make-up teams will receive digital files for each respective photoshoot for use in portfolios and across desired social media platforms. Additionally, studio space is available for teams to collaborate in the week leading up to the invitational.

One week prior to the Invitational, the selected artists will receive their team placements, prosthetics, and meet their models. On the photoshoot day, all participants will apply their prosthetics and have their looks photographed by professional photographers at the MUD studio spaces in Burbank California. Each team is responsible for their own kits, additional materials, wardrobe, and/or hairwork necessary for their concept. Much like a make-up department for a major film, artists will be paired in teams of two to design and apply their make-up. Team placement will be based on a portfolio review, with the intention of pairing artists with complementary skill sets and experience levels. Most importantly, this event is designed to foster new professional connections while encouraging team-building and artistic collaboration.

Images are provided to models, RBFX, and Make-Up Designory for potential use on their respective websites and social media platforms along with credit for artists and models. By participating in this event, all artists and models will need to complete an image use consent form.

Applicants should have graduated from one of MUD’s special make-up effects courses or have knowledge in special make-up effects. There is no fee associated with the invitational, however invitees are responsible for any travel arrangements or accommodation. To apply, you must be available to come to Make-Up Designory Burbank in person for both the team placement and prosthetics distribution day on Saturday, August 19th, as well as the Prosthetics Invitational Event on Saturday, August 26th. You must also be available that week to work with your partner and collaborate/ prepare for the event.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please complete the Application Form which can be requested by emailing Kailyn Sciberras at [email protected] or download here: Application

 If you have application related questions, please email Shelby Michael Patton at [email protected] or visit: FAQ

Application Deadline: 

Sunday July 16, 2023

Participants will be notified Friday July 21, 2023

Team Placement and Prosthetics Distribution: Saturday, August 19, 2023 @ 12:00pm

Invitational and Photoshoot: August 26, 2023

Location: Make-Up Designory, 129 S San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

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