September 11, 2023

Why Choose MUD?

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In a world where you can express yourself in countless ways, makeup isn’t just about looking nice – it’s about making a statement. Whether you want a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, makeup is your tool. And if you’re crazy about makeup and dream of turning it into a career, then Make-up Designory (MUD) is calling your name. With a reputation for excellence and a way of teaching that lets your imagination run wild, let’s dig into why MUD could be the perfect place to kickstart your makeup career.

Legacy of Excellence

MUD’s story is one of dedication, innovation, and excellence. Established in 1997, Make-up Designory has over two decades of experience in nurturing creative talents and fostering industry leaders. MUD’s legacy is built on its commitment to providing industry-relevant education that can equip students with the skills they need to thrive.

Industry-Respected Curriculum

The courses are structured to balance theory with practical application, which can ensure that students not only understand the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind makeup techniques. This holistic approach empowers graduates to adapt to new trends, techniques, and technologies, thus staying relevant in an industry that thrives on innovation.

Multiple Programs To Choose From

One of the standout features of MUD is its curriculum that is meticulously designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the makeup industry. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned artist seeking to refine your skills, MUD’s curriculum offers a wide range of programs that cover everything from beauty makeup to special effects.

The programs we offer are:

  • Fashion Makeup Artistry: If you’re interested in the world of fashion and stylish editorial looks, the Fashion Make-up Artistry Program is designed for you. This program lays down the foundation for beauty makeup – the essential skill in all of MUD’s courses. It’s a great starting point for anyone who dreams of becoming a makeup artist.
  • Film And Television Makeup Artistry: Covering everything from fundamental corrective makeup to the complexities of specialized special effects, this program imparts the skills needed to ready actors for the camera and breathe life into characters. By completing this program, graduates can possess the essential makeup artistry techniques required to thrive in the demanding film and television industry.
  • Multimedia Makeup Artistry: Exploring diverse avenues in the realm of makeup artistry can open up endless possibilities. This program merges the domains of fashion, editorial, film, and television makeup. Spanning 602 hours across 18 weeks, this can teach you the art of enhancing a model’s print-ready appearance and creating spine-chilling looks for actors on the screen.
  • Master Makeup Artistry: Encompassing all fundamental courses provided by Make-up Designory, this program stands unparalleled in its versatility. Across 812 hours within a 24-week span, this program not only equips you with skills applicable to fashion, film, and television industries, but it also primes you for work within a special effects lab environment. This lab is the birthplace of the imaginative prosthetics and elements used in bringing monsters and creatures to life – an exceptional facet unique to this program.
  • Individual Courses: Both current MUD students and graduates have the chance to delve into specific expertise areas through standalone individual courses. Additionally, professionals in related fields aiming to enhance their skill set for their specific line of work can opt for these courses.

Hands-On Learning

Makeup artistry is a craft that thrives on practice. MUD’s emphasis on hands-on learning ensures that students spend ample time honing their skills through practical applications. From creating intricate looks to mastering the art of airbrushing, students are given the freedom to experiment and grow under the guidance of their mentors.

Global Community and Networking

The makeup industry is as much about connections as it is about skills. MUD’s extensive network of alumni and industry collaborations can provide students with a platform to build meaningful relationships. From guest lectures by industry experts to workshops, our goal is that students have ample opportunities to connect, learn, and showcase their talents to professionals who matter.

Career Support

Education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about translating that knowledge into a successful career. MUD’s commitment to its students extends beyond the classroom. We offer career support services including the MUD Job Board, Professional Development Lectures, and one-on-one counseling. This support is invaluable as it helps graduates transition seamlessly from the world of education to the world of professional makeup artistry.

Passionate Educators

The true essence of any educational institution lies in its faculty. At MUD, students are guided by an exceptional team of industry professionals and experienced educators. These mentors bring a wealth of real-world experience, insights, and connections into the classroom, offering students a unique opportunity to learn from those who have truly made their mark in the makeup world.

The faculty’s commitment to nurturing creativity, refining technical skills, and instilling a strong work ethic contributes significantly to MUD’s reputation as a place where students can flourish.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you’re drawn to fashion, film, or multimedia, MUD has the programs to help you shine. Choosing MUD isn’t just about makeup; it’s about crafting your own unique journey into a world of beauty. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to helping you turn your dreams into reality!

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