Brush up on
your skills.

Individual courses offer aspiring artists an introduction to a specific field of make-up artistry, and professional artists the opportunity to add to an established set of skills.

Individual courses

MUD students and grads have the opportunity to take individual courses alone, in order to expand a particular area of expertise. Courses can also be taken by individuals in related fields who are trying to build their professional capabilities in their chosen area of employment. MUD offers individual courses during the school day at our Campuses in Los Angeles and New York. You may also enroll for individual courses at MUD Studios and MUD Extensions.

Interested in enrolling for an individual course at MUD?

  • Consult with the MUD Admissions Office before you register, in order to ensure that you have completed all required pre-requisites, or have obtained the appropriate equivalent experience.
  • Course pre-requisites are noted in each course description. To review them, request a catalog.
  • To register for a particular course, you may need to demonstrate that you are a working make-up artist who possesses the skills required to enroll.
  • Students must also submit a one-time application fee of $100 for the first individual course they take (this fee will be waived for any subsequent enrollments.)
  • Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course
  • Please note that individual courses taken on a stand-alone basis are not accredited by the ACCSC.
  • Students taking stand-alone courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, or select other services that are offered to students and graduates of larger programs.
  • If you have already graduated from a MUD program, you can audit courses that you’ve previously taken free of charge, in order to brush up your skills and refresh your memory.

MUD individual courses are typically 3-6 weeks long and offer students the option to focus on specific areas of study.

This course is designed to emphasize the skills and attention to detail required for beauty make-up application for film, high-definition television, print photography, advertising and retail cosmetics.

It provides instruction on the basics of skin tone matching, highlights and shadows, facial analysis, contouring, color theory, corrective make-up and proper cosmetic hygiene.

Students are guided through the basics before progressing to creating flawless beauty make-ups or male corrective looks. As part of this course, students will be required to complete projects that range from natural make-up to avant-garde looks.

This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple blow-drying techniques to creating elaborate, period-inspired hairstyles.

Students will learn to create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative hair designs, using hot tools and roller sets.

The course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by practice. As part of this course, students are required to complete hair and make-up projects, which relate to on-the-job experience.

This course prepares students for work in their selected fields of study through a series of challenging, real-world projects.

Students will be required to complete make-up and hairstyle setups on professional models for a series of photo shoots, which are designed to simulate actual working environments.

Each set-up will be captured digitally by a professional photographer for the student to use in his or her portfolio. While students receive lessons on the business of make-up artistry in all courses, this course devotes time to instructing students on website design, resume skills, marketing techniques and other business acumen necessary to help them succeed in their careers.

This course focuses on character development, with an emphasis on the fundamental elements of prosthetic application and special make-up effects.

Students will learn the techniques of professional make-up artists and will gain familiarity with traditional make-up, as well as new materials and tools. Students are also shown a variety of special make-up effects skills, including the creation of simulated injuries and aging make-ups and the application of effects like bald caps and facial hair.

At the end of the course, students will design and create a character, which will be captured in a photo shoot.

This course is designed to provide instruction in the lab and formulation techniques that are required to create contemporary film and television make-up effects.

Students will learn prosthetic application, with a focus on the details of prosthetic appliance development. The courses guides students through all phases of project conceptualization and prosthetic application, including design, sculpture, molding, formulation of foam latex and gelatin, as well as seaming, painting and applying prosthetic pieces.

For class projects, students may create original prosthetics or may develop characters inspired by current film and television effects. As part of the course, students will be required to design and create a fully developed prosthetic character, which will be captured in a photo shoot.

Evening and Weekend Courses

MUD’s evening and weekend Studio Courses were designed to offer working make-up artists with previous training or experience in make-up artistry the additional skill sets they need on a part-time schedule. Upon completion of each class, students receive a certificate of completion. Course offerings include:

This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up, with an emphasis on the foundational, must-have techniques required for work in the industry today. Students will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, contours and highlights, with a focus on eyes and lips. The course concludes with complete make-up applications that range from natural to one hundred percent corrective looks.

Airbrushing has become one of the premier methods of applying make-up. In this course, we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly maintain and care for an airbrush. In addition, we demonstrate the techniques required to apply beautiful, flawless beauty make-up – techniques that are required not only by major film and television studios, but also by demanding clients.

In this course, students are introduced to the lucrative world of wedding make-up, from initial consultation with a bride and family members, through what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business.

This course provides students with an introduction to the world of film and television production, and the make-up techniques required for today’s demanding sets and high-definition cameras.

In this course, students will learn how to work on set and create make-ups that can be used in fashion or editorial. Instructors share insights about how to work with a professional photographer to create unique, memorable imagery. Students will also be given instruction on how to evaluate make-up application and achieve their best results on film and digital cameras.

Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists in runway and editorial settings, to create creative and original make-up looks. Instructors will guide students as they learn how to embrace the creative process and achieve their own ideas.

In this course, students are shown how to sculpt the likeness of a person or character in half scale. This non-vocational course has been designed to help make-up artists improve their ability to work in three dimensions with the contours of the human anatomy.