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Housing & Transportation:
Los Angeles Campus

MUD LA Campus Housing

MUD is located in downtown Burbank, California. MUD maintains furnished student dorm-style housing that is available on a first-come, first served basis at the Avalon Burbank Apartments across the street from the school. MUD has also put together a list of resources where you can begin your search for other housing options.

If you need housing assistance, please speak with MUD’s Student Services Administrator for a list of the most current options available.


For a full list of MUD housing recommendations, request a free catalog.


MUD LA Transportation

  • If you are traveling to Los Angeles by air, MUD recommends that you choose the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, as it located approximately five miles from the school.
  • Flying in via Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)? offers a flat rate from LAX to MUD’s Campus in Burbank. Please call 888-920-2220 for details.
  • If you are planning to use a car as your primary means of transportation to and from school, you may purchase parking permits from the City of Burbank. Permits are only necessary for day students, and pricing is subject to change without notice.

Friends of MUD Student Discounts

MUD is a vibrant part of the Burbank community. Many of the surrounding restaurants and business help support MUD’s students by offering discounts and perks.

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See the full list of MUD housing and resource recommendations, including child care, medical/dental care, banking, shopping and more.