Makeup Effects 201

Core Techniques of Special Makeup Effects

Advanced Makeup Mastery for Film and Media

Spanning 210 clock hours, this course dives deep into lab techniques and prosthetic application, providing a thorough grounding in the skills necessary to create cutting-edge makeup effects seen in contemporary media. Students will experience a dynamic blend of theory and practical workshops, ensuring a complete understanding of the materials and methodologies used in professional settings.

Essential Skills in Special Makeup Effects

Enhance Your Skills with Advanced Character Development and Special Make-Up Effects

This course focuses on character development, emphasizing the fundamental elements of prosthetic application and special make-up effects. You will learn the techniques used by professional make-up artists, gaining familiarity with both traditional make-up and new materials and tools. The curriculum covers a variety of special make-up effects skills, including the creation of simulated injuries, age make-up, and the application of effects such as bald caps and facial hair. At the end of the course, you will design and create a character, which will be captured in a professional photo shoot.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Prosthetic Application: Master the essential techniques for applying prosthetics to create realistic characters.
  • Simulated Injuries and Age Make-Up: Learn to create convincing simulated injuries and age-related make-up effects.
  • Advanced Make-Up Effects: Develop skills in applying bald caps, facial hair, and other special effects.
  • Traditional and Modern Techniques: Gain expertise in both traditional make-up methods and the latest industry tools and materials.


At the end of the course, you will design and create a character, which will be captured in a professional photo shoot, showcasing your newly acquired skills. Enroll now to advance your career in special make-up effects and character development!

Who Should Enroll:

This Character Makeup course is ideal for aspiring make-up artists looking to specialize in special effects and character design. It’s also suitable for professionals seeking to expand their expertise and stay current with the latest techniques in the special make-up effects industry.

Key Features:

  • 210 Clock Hours of Intensive Training: Engage in a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on application. This extensive training ensures you gain a deep understanding of special make-up effects techniques and concepts.
  • Expert Instruction and Mentorship: Learn from industry professionals who bring extensive experience and insider knowledge to the classroom. Benefit from personalized guidance and mentorship to refine your skills and artistry.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Utilize top-tier equipment and materials in a learning environment that mirrors industry standards. Our facilities provide a professional setting that prepares you for real-world experiences.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel in various sectors of the entertainment industry, including film, television, theater, and commercials. Our program is structured to enhance your career prospects and open doors to diverse professional opportunities.
Make-up Designory MUD special makeup effects school sfx


Total institution charges for this program including a $100 registration fee: $7,190.00. *Jan 8 – Feb 20, 2024

Jan 8 – Feb 20, 2024

Feb 21 – April 2, 2024

April 3 – May 14, 2024

May 15 – June 27, 2024

Aug 13 – Sept 24, 2024

Nov 7 – Dec 20, 2024


This course meets Monday through Friday and consists of 210 clock hours. Day sessions are 6 weeks long, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Maximum class size: 22 students. This course is a part of the Fashion Make-up Artistry, Film & Television Make-up Artistry, Multimedia Make-up Artistry, and Master Make-up Artistry programs. The course when offered on a stand-alone basis is not accredited.* In addition to the listed amounts above, the State of California requires we add an addition $2.50 per $1,000 of institution charges for the State’s Student Tuition Recovery Fund. 

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