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For the first time, Make-up Designory (MUD), a global leader in makeup artistry education, offers a groundbreaking opportunity to shape your learning journey online. Whether you are a seasoned makeup artist looking to enhance your makeup skills and techniques or a salon owner aiming to broaden your service offerings, MUD provides a diverse array of online makeup courses to meet your needs.

Tailor Your Make-up Artistry Education with MUD's Flexible Online Makeup Courses

Known for the high quality of our in person campuses worldwide, MUD’s online makeup courses maintain the same standard of excellence and can serve as a valuable stepping stone to further education at one of our renowned Studio, Partner School, or Main Campus locations.

Explore Diverse Course Offerings

MUD’s online platform is constantly expanding, featuring courses like the FREE MUD Product Knowledge Course with brand manager Francine Reich. Learn about MUD’s professional tools, makeup, and accessories. Gain brand certification and expert tips essential to a MUD education.

Enhance Safety with Specialized Certifications

For those focused on maintaining the highest standards of workplace safety, our Health and Safety Certification for Makeup Artists, led by our Director of Education, Paul Thompson, covers essential protocols for working on set, in a salon, or on location, contributing to your  Education Hours.

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Master Makeup Fundamentals

Dive deeper into core skills with MUD Instructor Lisa Leveridge’s Makeup Fundamentals, ideal for those in cosmetology or aesthetics programs. This course lays the groundwork for mastering beauty makeup basics, including perfect foundation application and other essential skills. It serves as an excellent primer for students aiming to advance to more complex studies at MUD or other esteemed institutions. By completing this course, students will establish a solid foundation that supports future learning and opens doors to specialized makeup artistry careers.

Expand Your Services With Expert Certifications

Expand your service menu with Paul Thompson’s Eyebrow Certification Course. This course offers training on unique techniques for crafting the perfect eyebrow, enhancing each client’s natural features. Learn brow shaping, tinting, and grooming to transform your clients’ appearance and boost their confidence. The course also teaches effective client consultation, ensuring their needs are met and expectations exceeded. By the end, you’ll be able to educate clients on maintaining their brows, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. This is vital for any professional specializing in eyebrow care

For educators, the Make-up Fundamentals Faculty Training course, led by MUD Instructor Gina Sandler, is meticulously crafted for faculty members at MUD-affiliated schools. This specialized training program is focused on enhancing the instructional techniques and methodologies used to teach makeup fundamentals to students. It provides educators with innovative teaching strategies, detailed curriculum insights, and practical applications to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. By participating in this course, educators will not only refine their teaching abilities but also ensure they are delivering the most up-to-date and industry-relevant content, making their lessons both comprehensive and compelling. This course is an essential resource for faculty looking to elevate their teaching and profoundly impact their students’ educational experience in the field of makeup artistry.

With these online offerings, MUD combines convenience with excellence, allowing you to access top-tier makeup education from anywhere in the world. Check our website regularly to discover the latest courses and elevate your career with MUD’s expertly designed online makeup education. Transform your passion for beauty into a thriving career with MUD’s flexible and comprehensive online courses. Join us today and start shaping your future in the beauty industry!


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