Multimedia Make-up Artistry Program

Beauty 101, Beauty 201, Beauty 301 & Special Make-up Effects 201 

With so many pathways into make-up artistry, there’s no reason to be limited. The Multimedia Make-up Artistry Program combines both the worlds of fashion and editorial make-up with the world of film and television. In 602 hours over the course of 18 weeks, you learn how to make a model look their best for print and an actor look their scariest for the screen. 

Program Overview:

This program begins with the core course, Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up Artistry (Beauty 101), where you will learn skin tone matching, facial analysis, contouring, color theory, and proper hygiene. 

To complete your model or actor’s look, you will learn basic hairstyling in Studio Hairstyling for the Make-up Artist (Beauty 201). This course teaches how to use hot tools and other techniques to create basic styling techniques, up-dos, and period hairstyles. 

Once you have learned how to put a look together with your skills from the Beauty 101 and Beauty 201 classes, you will be asked to style entire photo shoots with professional models in Beauty Lab (Beauty 301). These photographs can be used as the beginning of a strong portfolio. While you receive lessons on the business of make-up artistry in all the courses, this course takes the time to show you website design, resume skills, marketing techniques and other business acumen necessary to help you succeed in your career. 

Once you are proficient in making people look their best, you will be challenged to make people look their worst, or scariest, or creepiest, or goriest! In Character Make-up Artistry (Special Make-up Effects 201), you learn aging techniques, bald cap and prosthetic applications, injury simulation, and how to lay crepe wool for beards, mustaches, or other body hair. In your final project, you will combine the many techniques you have learned into one character that will be professionally shot and can be used to further build your portfolio. 

Graduates from this program are prepared to find entry-level work in the following areas: 

Make-up Artist 

Entry-Level Make-up Artist in Film and Television 

Artist on Student Films and Small Budget Productions 

Sales Consultant 

Freelance Artist for Weddings or Social Occasions 

Make-up Artist at a Salon (state licensing as a cosmetologist or esthetician may be required) 

The graduate of the Multimedia Make-up Artistry Program will be prepared with both the beauty and character skills to work in the fashion and film and television industries. Our programs prepare students for the occupation of “Make-up Artist, Theatrical and Performance” (SOC Code 39-5091) and for occupations where knowledge of make-up artistry is required such as “Retail Salespersons” (SOC Code 41-2031) and “Skin Care Specialist” (SOC code 39- 5094). More information on these professions can be found at the Department of Labor’s website at:



Jan 8 – May 14, 2024 

Feb 21 – June 27, 2024 

April 3 – Aug 12, 2024 

May 15 – Sept 24, 2024 

June 28 – Nov 6, 2024 

Aug 13 – Dec 20, 2024 

Sept 25, 2024 – Feb 18, 2025 

Nov 7, 2024 – April 1, 2025 

This program meets Monday through Friday and consists of 602 clock hours. Day sessions are 18 weeks long, and are between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Maximum class size: 22 students 

*In addition to the listed amounts above, the State of California requires we add an additional $ 2.50 per $1,000 of institution charges for the State’s Student Tuition Recovery Fund. 


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