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Please use the category filters to find the specific type of venue you are interested in, whether you’re seeking advanced makeup education, exploring our courses at a partner school, or shopping for professional-grade MUD makeup products. Each category is designed to help streamline your search and connect you with our extensive global MUD community. To search by post code or by city, please use our MUD Locator.

MUD Los Angeles

MUD Los Angeles

MUD Los Angeles Burbank, California Located in downtown Burbank, MUD’s Los Angeles Campus is near some of the biggest production studios in the world. Our students can choose from four comprehensive make-up programs or individual courses, learning the basics of beauty, character, or special make-up effects for film, television, fashion, … View Location
make-up designory mud new york location

MUD New York

MUD New York Manhattan New York City has long been a hub for the beauty, fashion, theater, film, television and art worlds. When MUD’s New York Campus opened its doors in 2005, we were excited to create a center for aspiring and working make-up artists in one of the most … View Location
MUD Studio Antwerp Belgium Make-up Designory makeup schools

MUD Studio Antwerp

MUD Antwerp Cultivate Your Artistry at MUD Studio Antwerp MUD Studio Antwerp is located in a city renowned for its profound impact on the international fashion scene. As the birthplace of the Antwerp Six, a group of influential avant-garde designers, Antwerp continues to be a pivotal force in global fashion, … View Location
mud studio berlin

MUD Studio Berlin

MUD Berlin In the heart of the Capitol Located in one of the city’s most picturesque neighborhoods, MUD Studio Berlin is a hub of creativity and makeup artistry excellence. Set against the backdrop of Berlin’s dynamic cultural landscape, our studio in the Prenzlauer Berg district is surrounded by historic charm, … View Location
MUD Studio Cyprus Make-up Designory makeup schools

MUD Studio Cyprus

MUD Cyprus Explore Makeup Artistry at MUD Studio Cyprus MUD Studio Cyprus is situated in a vibrant locale burgeoning with opportunities in the entertainment and fashion industries. As a crossroads of Mediterranean culture, Cyprus is gaining traction as a favored destination for film productions and fashion events, thanks to its … View Location
mud studio gent makeup designory belgium

MUD Studio Gent

MUD Gent At the Core of creativity Nestled in a vibrant area renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, MUD Studio Gent stands as a beacon of creativity and professional makeup artistry. Located in the historic heart of Gent, our studio thrives amidst the city’s artistic heritage and contemporary dynamism. Surrounded … View Location
MUD Studio Manila Phillipines Make-up Designory makeup schools training mua

MUD Studio Manila

MUD Manila Enhance Your Makeup Artistry at MUD Studio Manila MUD Studio Manila is located in a bustling metropolis celebrated for its vibrant entertainment and fashion industries. As a hub for film, television, and fashion, Manila provides a rich environment for aspiring makeup artists to develop their skills and engage … View Location
mud studio milano make-up designory mud studio milan italia makeup academy

MUD Studio Milano

MUD Milano In the heart of Fashion Situated in Milan, a city synonymous with high fashion and avant-garde design, MUD Studio Milano is perfectly positioned at the crossroads of cosmetic artistry and haute couture. As a premier makeup school in the fashion capital of the world, our studio offers an … View Location
MUD Studi Mumbai India

MUD Studio Mumbai

MUD Mumbai Refine Your Makeup Artistry at MUD Studio Mumbai MUD Studio Mumbai is located in the heart of India’s entertainment capital. Known for its bustling Bollywood film industry and vibrant fashion scene, Mumbai offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring makeup artists. Our studio taps into the city’s dynamic energy, providing … View Location
mud roma makeup designory mud studio rome italy italia europe

MUD Studio Roma

MUD Roma At the Cultural Crossroads Discover MUD Studio Roma, a distinguished makeup school situated within walking distance to the historic core of Rome. Surrounded by the timeless beauty and classical architecture of one of Rome’s most storied districts, our studio harmonizes the city’s rich cultural legacy with its iconic … View Location

Explore educational excellence with Make-up Designory (MUD), globally recognized for top-tier makeup artistry training. Our accredited main campuses in Los Angeles and New York, along with MUD Studios across Europe, Asia, and South Africa, provide advanced programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Through our MUD Extension program, we also partner with select cosmetology and esthetician institutes worldwide, enriching their offerings with our expert makeup artist courses. Discover the perfect makeup school location to advance your career in professional makeup artistry.