January 7, 2014

Michael Westmore, Part 2

A couple of months ago, we had the honor of hosting Michael Westmore as a guest speaker for our Industry Speaks series. The students and staff were inspired tremendously by Mr. Westmore’s experience and knowledge. We wanted more — and to our delight, he agreed to return.

Last night, Mr. Westmore walked the audience through an impressive make-up career reel featuring his work from Rocky, Raging Bull, Masters of the Universe, Star Trek, and Mask (for which he received the Academy Award for Best Make-up) just to name a few. He shared behind-the-scenes make-up secrets and stories that promise a fascinating autobiography.

Mr. Westmore has worked with many Hollywood legends, his credits are extraordinary, and he continues to offer his knowledge and make himself available to our students. For that, we are grateful.

Watch Michael Westmore as he shares his expertise and mentors the next round of talented make-up artists, including MUD alumni Nicholas Gonzalez, Cat Paschen, and Bethany Serpico, in the extreme make-up competition reality series Face Off.

Face Off Season 6 premieres Tuesday January 14.


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