Our Curriculum

MUD Global Programs and Makeup Artist Courses: Empowering Makeup Artistry Worldwide

With campuses around the globe and a network of partner schools, MUD is dedicated to providing the highest standard of education in the makeup industry. Whether you’re at the beginning of your makeup journey or looking to specialize with advanced skills, our courses and programs are structured to meet every learning need.

At MUD, we believe in a holistic approach to makeup education, which is why our curriculum spans from foundational techniques to specialized skills across beauty, character, and special makeup effects. Each course is designed to empower you with hands-on experience, expert knowledge, and a deep understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of makeup.

Discover Your Path at MUD: Diverse Curriculum Across Global Locations

Tailored Learning Experiences

Each MUD location brings its own unique set of offerings. While our core curriculum maintains a high standard of educational excellence globally, some specialized courses and programs may vary by location to better serve the local market and employment opportunities. This approach allows us to provide the most relevant and impactful education possible, tailored to the distinct needs and ambitions of our students wherever they are based.

Flexible Study Options

Whether you are just starting out in the world of makeup or seeking to advance your expertise with specialized training, MUD offers flexible study options to accommodate your aspirations and schedule. From intensive full-time courses to modular classes that can be combined and customized, our aim is to support your learning journey in a way that best fits your personal and professional life.

Seamless Integration of Theory and Practice

All our courses, regardless of location, are designed to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application. This ensures that every MUD student gains not only the technical skills required for success but also a deep understanding of the creative and business aspects of the makeup industry.

Commitment to Excellence

We understand that the choice of where to study is as important as what you study. That’s why we are committed to providing transparent and detailed information on the specific courses available at each of our locations. We encourage prospective students to explore our offerings and reach out directly to our admissions team for guidance on how best to align their educational path with their career objectives.

Makeup artists in makeup class

Elevate Your Artistry with MUD's Specialized Makeup Artist Courses

Whether you’re looking to delve deeper into the intricacies of beauty and high fashion make-up, explore the creative challenges of special makeup effects, or master the precision of airbrush techniques, MUD offers courses that align with your goals. MUD students and grads have the opportunity to take individual courses alone, in order to expand a particular area of expertise, or within a larger program.* Courses can also be taken by individuals in related fields who are trying to build their professional capabilities in their chosen area of employment. 

*MUD Programs differ by location. Please inquire at the location you are interested in attending for more information.

Explore educational excellence with Make-up Designory (MUD), globally recognized for top-tier makeup artistry training. Our accredited main campuses in Los Angeles and New York, along with MUD Studios across Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, and the Middle East, provide advanced programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Through our MUD Extension program, we also partner with select cosmetology and esthetician institutes worldwide, enriching their offerings with our expert makeup courses. Discover the perfect location to advance your career in professional makeup artistry.