Studios and Partner Schools

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MUD Studios

Students outside of the U.S. can take MUD Studio courses at a number of locations that are operated by licensees. Each MUD Studio is equipped with a classroom and retail space, with a set of course offerings tailored for the needs of that particular market. Today MUD Studios can be found in Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

MUD Extensions

MUD Partner Schools are cosmetology and esthetician institutes that offer certified MUD courses as part of their curricula. Here, students can learn the basics of the MUD approach as part of their larger cosmetologist or esthetician training. MUD Partner Schools are located throughout the U.S., with select international locations.

MUD Grad Benefits

Students may also be eligible to transfer credit from a completed MUD Studio or a MUD Partner School course if they later enroll in a program at one of our main campuses in Los Angeles or New York.

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