January 15, 2013


Inside the classroom at Make-Up Designory’s Beauty 301 Beauty Lab

The Make-Up Designory (MUD) Beauty 301: Beauty Lab course is designed to prepare students for work in their selected fields of study through a series of challenging, real-world projects. This class is considered a finishing class, where students are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in previous classes and from prior experience.

In the classroom, students learn about the materials needed to market themselves and how to start and manage their freelance careers. In the studio, they get the opportunity to apply everything they have learned about set etiquette.

In the progression of the class, students complete make-up and hairstyle setups on professional models for a series of photo shoots, which are designed to simulate actual working environments. Each setup is captured digitally by a professional photographer, for the student to use in his or her portfolio.

In Beauty Lab, students apply their make-up and hair skills to the professional set where, with supervision, they can quickly see where they excel as well as what they still need to work on. By exposing the students to photographers and models within a learning environment, it allows for the freedom of creative exploration – and room for error if needed. The more exposure the students get, the more confidence they gain.

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