April 29, 2015

Chronicles of a Traveling Make-up Artist for MUD: This Stop, London

So once again I’m ready to board a long flight. After my 16 hour flight to Dubai this 11 hour flight seems like nothing at all. Once again after a lot of movies and trying to sleep through the bumpy ride we finally arrive in London. This time I am also traveling with a fellow make-up artist Chad Washam who is also visiting London for the first time. As we are driving (on the wrong side of the road!) to our hotel the cute villages and quaint buildings are absolutely adorable. There is a blend between the older style buildings as well as some newer modern styled skyscrapers and best of all, pubs everywhere you turn.

We only had one free morning to explore London before we had to get ready for the tradeshow, so we decided to take a double decker tour bus and ride through all of the sites. We had to take the train to the first bus stop and in the station was this amazing sculpture. Also, as we walk the streets there are these adorable little back streets that are filled with cute little shops and pubs.

Once we finally get on the bus we pass by some of the amazing sites to see. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben and so much more. We didn’t have much time so we weren’t able to get off the bus and explore more the way we would have liked


One stop we did make sure to jump off and explore was Buckingham Palace. We had no idea that we had timed our stop perfectly. As soon as we walked up to the palace the changing of the guards was beginning. The crowd was so packed it was impossible for us to see much of anything at all.

Since we couldn’t see much of anything we decided to explore the beautiful park across the street and what a gorgeous site it was. The scenery was like something out of a fairy tale, including two of the biggest swans I had ever seen in my life!

After we saw all that we could see we headed back to the bus to make sure we got to the venue on time to set up our booth for the next day. As we headed back to the bus and were ready to cross the street a police officer asked us to stop for a moment as the guards were heading right past us. Front row view!! We couldn’t have timed it better if we had tried 

The next day we were off to the Business Design Centre for the UMA expo!

The first day Chad worked on our model creating a chemical spill victim and then an alien makeup as well. Watching Chad work and some of his techniques was an amazing experience for myself and the attendees of the expo as well.

The second day Chad re-creates some looks that he had shown at Monsterpalooza. The female Thanos and the Japanese Uni character as well.

Even though this trip was short it was so amazing to meet new friends and continue to work with this amazing MUD family!


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