Additional Application Details

Educational Documentation and Requirements

To ensure a smooth enrollment process, all applicants are required to provide proof of their educational qualifications. This includes:

  • High School Graduation: Submit a transcript that shows a graduation date, or an official American High School Diploma.
  • GED Certificates and Equivalents: We accept GED certificates, as well as certificates demonstrating passage of state-authorized examinations like TASC, HiSET, or the California High School Proficiency Exam. These documents must confirm that the state recognizes them as the equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Higher Education Credits: For applicants who have completed higher education, we accept transcripts showing at least 60 semester or trimester credit hours or 72 quarter credit hours. These credits should be acceptable for full credit toward a bachelor’s degree at any institution.

Age Requirements

  • All students must be 18 years of age or older at the time of enrollment. Applicants under 18 must have parental consent to enroll.

International Student Documentation

If you completed your secondary education outside of the U.S., you must provide:

  • Proof of completion of the equivalent of an American High School education, recognized equivalent, or proof of completion of compulsory secondary education in your native country.
  • All academic records must be original or school-issued copies and submitted for evaluation to confirm they meet the necessary requirements.

Ability to Benefit

Applicants lacking standard educational qualifications have an alternative pathway through the Ability to Benefit Test. This test evaluates whether an applicant can benefit from our educational programs despite not having traditional qualifications. Please contact our Admissions Office for more information about scheduling and test fees.

Interview Process

The interview process is a vital part of assessing whether MUD is the right fit for you:

  • Engage in a detailed discussion with an Admissions Advisor about your educational goals and career aspirations.
  • Participate in interactions with various departments, which may include phone conversations, email correspondence, and in-person meetings.
  • This process helps ensure that all students meet the professional demeanor and communication skills expected at MUD.

Where to Submit Necessary Documents?

To streamline your application, please submit all required documents to the designated area on our website or directly at our Admissions Office. For specific instructions or help with document submission, please use the following link to Contact Us

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