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To help students traveling from other states and regions make an easy transition to New York City, we have put together a list of places where students can begin their searches for housing options. We strongly recommend that students begin their housing searches well in advance of beginning school. Metropolitan New York City is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, and available housing can be scarce. Students need to plan ahead, in order to ensure that they have given themselves enough time to secure acceptable housing.

When beginning the housing search, please note that there are many easy and accessible public transportation commuter options to and from the island of Manhattan. The city, outlying boroughs, and communities across the river in New Jersey are well served by a number of subway, commuter train, and commuter bus lines.* Students who intend to bring their own cars should be aware that daily parking is extremely challenging in New York City, and monthly parking is limited and expensive. Students may be able to secure spaces in garages that are owned by larger management companies. Such garages charge approximately $275.00 – $600.00 per month to rent a space.

For those coming from a distance, New York City is served by three major airports: Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK. Students may access the city via a number of shuttles, trains, and taxis that leave directly from the airports. New York is also a hub for Amtrak railroad services. Trains arrive in Penn Station. Amtrak also offers frequent departures to other cities, including Albany, Rutland, Providence, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Montreal, and many more.

*For more information about travel to and from, as well as within New York City, please see the Transportation Resources on this web site.



The following listings include housing options that students may contact on their own. Please note that some options are only available at certain times during the year, and may only be available to students while they are enrolled in school.

For students only:

1. Educational Housing Services offers 24-hour building security and fully furnished rooms at 5511 different locations within the city. Please note that occupancy must fall within their established schedules. 800-297-4694 www.studenthousing.org

2. NYC Intern is a program of The King’s College, a liberal arts college located in midtown Manhattan in the Empire State Building. They are dedicated to helping students from around the world to find affordable and convenient housing during their studies in New York City. 212-659-7286 www.nycintern.org

3. The de Hirsch Residence at the 92nd Street Y offers furnished rooms and an on-site fitness facility that is available for an additional fee. 1395 Lexington Ave. (at 92nd Street), New York, NY 212-415-5660 www.92y.org

4. University Place offers 24-hour building security and fully furnished rooms. Please note that occupancy must fall within their established schedules. 385 MacDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 718-844-5300 www.nystudenthousing.com

For students and non-students:

5. Pace University Summer Conference Accommodations offer 24-hour building security and fully furnished rooms to individuals 18 years of age and older. Please note, housing is only available between June and mid-August. Please contact the Associate Director of Auxiliary Services. South Street Seaport 212-346-1015

6. Sara’s New York Homestay offers furnished, shared apartments at locations that vary based upon availability. 212-564-5979 www.sarahomestay.com

7. The Gershwin Hotel offers accommodations for a maximum stay of two weeks.

7 East 27th Street (at 5th Ave.), New York, NY 212-545-8000 www.gershwinhotel.com SHORT-TERM HOUSING RESOURCES

MUD also recommends that students review the following extended-stay facilities for short-term housing options.

  1. Candlewood Suites offers special discounts to MUD students. Check the “MUD” link on their home page. 21 2nd Street, Jersey City, NJ www.candlewoodsuites.com
  2. Oakwood Apartments also extends special offers to MUD students, at locations all over the city. 800-259-6914 www.oakwood.com


We also encourage students to review the following websites for additional information about available

apartment rentals and sublets.