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Take a peek inside our Belgium location and get to know MUD Studio Ghent student Manon Verhaeghe and fashion blogger Emma Gelaude in their MUD Studio experience.


Based on MUD's highly successful curriculum and teaching style, MUD Studio Courses were developed to meet the growing demand for quality make-up education across the U.S. and abroad.

MUD Studio Courses are offered through our two main campuses, our network of MUD Partner Schools, and our MUD Studios.

Partner Schools are existing institutions of cosmetology and esthetics that integrate one or more of our courses into their curricula and / or offer the courses separately as continuing education.

MUD Studios, operated outside the United States by licensees – offer the same studio classes at stand-alone facilities. Each MUD Studio has at least one classroom and a retail space.

For more information and for language options, please visit our dedicated MUD Studio web site, located at:

To find a Partner School or MUD Studio nearest to you, please peruse our MUD Locator and select "MUD Studio" or "Partner School".

Please note that most MUD Studio courses require Beauty Essentials as a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for make-up professionals. We have developed our courses to build upon one another, so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the progressive nature of the curriculum. 

Students are allowed to take any combination of classes deemed necessary, however, we strongly urge you to speak with an Admissions Advisor to ensure that you are choosing classes that will help with your career goals.