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Master Makeup Artistry Program - Los Angeles and New York

Warning: this program is not for the faint of heart!  None of our other programs offer as much diversity as our Master Makeup Artistry program.  In 812 hours, over the course of 24 weeks, students will not only learn skills that can lead to employment in the worlds of fashion, film and television, this program will also prepare a student to work in a special effects lab setting.  The special effects lab is where the appliances used for monster-making and creature-creation have their start. 

As with all of our programs, students start their formal training by taking Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Make-up Artistry. This first course sets the groundwork for corrective and beauty makeups by teaching facial analysis, contouring, base matching, and color theory.

Students are then taught how to take control of a head of hair and create hairstyles-both modern and period- in our Beauty 201: Studio Hairstyling for the Make-up Artist course.

As a sort of finishing class, our Beauty Lab (Beauty 301), takes the skills learned in Beauty 101 and Beauty 201 and adds in some business lessons.  Throughout the course, students are challenged to style photoshoots using makeup and hair skills to start a portfolio that they can use after graduation.  Students are also exposed to marketing techniques, resume workshops, and practice interviews to help them prepare for employment after graduation.

To start the lessons in special makeup effects, prosthetic application, bald cap creation, aging techniques, injury simulation and hair laying are taught in our Character Make-up Artistry course, Special Make-up Effects 201.  The course culminates in a professional photo shoot where students use the techniques learned in class to make a character as a final project. 

Students who couldn’t get enough of making characters of their own design in Special Make-up Effects 201, will love Special Make-up Effects 301: Lab Techniques.  This course mimics actual special effects lab environments and students must be prepared to get their hands dirty!  They will learn to map the steps of creating a full prosthetic device- from the early stages of just a spark of an idea to sculpting the real thing; from life-casting a model to sculpting a custom creature that fits their facial expressions perfectly; from running foam to painting the final product.  In the end, students will again get the chance to shoot their final project with a professional photographer. 

Graduates from this program are prepared to find entry-level work in the following areas:

//Makeup Artist

// Entry-Level Makeup Artist in Film in Television

// Artist on Student Films and Small Budget Productions

//Assistant in a Special Makeup Effects Lab

//Sales Consultant

//Freelance Artist for Weddings or Social Occasions

//Makeup Artist at a Salon (state licensing as a cosmetologist or esthetician may be required)


As the start of a career in either fashion, special makeup effects lab, film or television, the graduate of the Master Makeup Artistry Program will be prepared with the beauty, character and lab skills to work in the fashion, special make-up effects lab, film or television industries.