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International Students


Make-Up Designory (MUD) is proud to welcome international students. Make-up artist is a visual art, however, minimal English language proficiency is required. Proficiency is evidenced by a U.S. High School Diploma, GED or equivalent in a country where English is primary language. For students who completed secondary school in a country where English is not a primary language, evidence of the successful completion of a secondary school- level English course or a minimum TOEFL score of 50 will be required. MUD is authorized to issue I-20 documentation for M-1 visas for students who are enrolled at the school. The school’s I-20 document is only valid for an M-1 visa, and can only be provided for the period of time during which the student is registered at MUD. The M-1 visa is for students only, and does not authorize external work experience.



In order to obtain I-20 documentation for an M-1 visa, international students must complete a Foreign Student Information Form. This form may be downloaded from our school website, obtained at the Administrative Office, or through an Admissions Advisor. Any student who is providing documentation in a language other than English will have their documentation translated. If the student has attended secondary school outside of the U.S., he or she must provide proof of completion of the equivalent of American High School or proof of completion of compulsory/customary secondary education in their native country (all records covering secondary school work must be submitted for evaluation to determine that acceptable minimum requirements have been met); the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree will also be accepted.

In addition, students will be required to provide MUD with financial records, to establish that they will have sufficient funds to cover the cost of tuition, materials and living expenses during their stay in the United States. For more information pertaining to these guidelines for specific countries, please contact an Admissions Advisor. After a student has completed all of the necessary requirements, he or she will receive the I-20 documentation via mail.




After a student receives the MUD enrollment package and I-20 document, he or she must pay a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) visa processing fee (I-901) of $200.00 U.S. dollars through the U.S. State Department website: After paying the fee, students should print and retain a receipt as proof of payment. This fee must be paid before the student appears at the U.S. Embassy.

Once the student has paid the I-901 fee via the website, they must next visit a U.S. Embassy for visa processing. MUD recommends that students schedule their embassy appointments as far in advance as possible, as availability and time delays may vary by country. Students should bring all necessary documents with them, including I-20 documentation, school contracts, financial and loan documents, and proof of payment of the I-901 SEVIS visa processing fee. At the embassy, students should have their I-20 documents and passports stamped and returned with the appropriate visa.* After students have received their visas, they should notify their Admissions Advisor by phone or e-mail, to let them know that they are ready to attend school. We urge all students who have questions about their embassy appointments or about preparing for their trips to contact our Admissions Advisors.

Once a student has arrived in the U.S. at an American Port of Entry (airport, seaport or border gate), he or she will need to furnish both a passport and I-20 documentation to U.S. Customs. The Customs official will stamp the student's passport with the arrival date. MUD will be notified through the SEVIS database that the student has entered the U.S. Students are required to report to school no later than 10 days after arrival. We realize that it may take students some time to get situated and adjust to new surroundings; however, a student must appear at the school and MUD must verify a student’s arrival in the SEVIS database within 10 days in order to avoid incurring problems with the student’s visa status.

Please note: it is important to watch what an embassy clerk or Customs official notes as your type of Visa. All documents should read “M-1”. If they are stamped with “F-1” or anything other than “M-1”, please bring it to the attention of the official immediately. An incorrect notation could lead to costly fines, appeals and even deportation.