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Film and Television Make-up Artistry Program - Los Angeles and New York

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Nothing has made more of an impact on make-up artistry than Film and Television. From basic correction makeup to the intricacies of applied special makeup effects, the Film and Television Make-up Artistry Program teaches the techniques necessary to prepare actors for the camera bringing characters to life. The 420 hour program is taught over a 12 week period and includes both the core beauty course and special makeup effects courses.

Similar to the Fashion Program, the Film and Television Program begins with Beauty 101:Fundamentals of Make-up Artistry where the student is first exposed to make-up concepts such as facial analysis, highlights and shadows, color theory and corrective makeup. From the basics, the student moves into creating flawless beauty makeups or male corrective looks.

As the student moves away from beautifying and correcting, they move into Special Make-up Effects 201: Character Make-up. The Character course starts with the basics of character makeup similar to beauty course, but this time the highlights and shadows are not are used not to enhance, but to create the appearance of age. During the aging segment, students will learn to apply a bald cap that may be used as the canvas for a fantasy makeup or the first part of a zombie makeup. They will learn to apply prosthetics to create injuries or elves and lay hair to fill in a patchy beard. At the end of the program, the student will design and create a portfolioread special makeup effects character that is captured by a professional photographer in an editorial photo shoot.

The new artist will find employment opportunities working in the following areas, building experience along the way for larger projects:

 // Entry-Level Makeup Artist in Film in Television

 // Artist on Student Films and Small Budget Productions

 // Sales Consultant

 // Freelance Artist for Weddings and Social Occasions

 // Makeup Artist at a Salon (state licensing as a cosmetologist or esthetician may be required)

As the start of a career in fashion makeup artistry, the graduate of the Film and Television Makup Artistry Program will have been prepared with the beauty skills necessary to work in both the film and television industry.