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Where do you turn for expert advice? Try a crack team of make-up professionals. One of the best things about being a MUD student is the exposure you’ll get to our talented, accomplished instructors. All of our teachers draw on at least five years of experience in a diverse range of make-up fields including television, fashion and cosmetic sales. Are you interested in working major film, television or theatre productions? Would you like to do make-up for music video and commercial shoots, or for fashion editorial and print advertising? Or would you rather own your own business, or consult for a high-end make-up brand? Whatever path you choose, we’ve been there. We can help you get there too.

In addition to their vast professional expertise, our instructors are simply great at what they do. MUD instructors undergo comprehensive training in order to gain critical teaching skills. They also enjoy competitive pay and benefits. This translates into low teacher turnover, a lot of personal attention, and a team of people who are dedicated to helping their students succeed.