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Beauty 201: Studio Hairstyling for the Make-up Artist









This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling, from simple blow-drying techniques to creating elaborate, period-inspired hairstyles.

Students will learn to create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative hair designs, using hot tools and roller sets.

This course incorporates daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by practice. As part of this course, students are required to complete hair and make-up projects, which relate to on-the-job experience.



Hair Basics Unit

  • Understand daily chemical disinfectant and able to maintain a clean and sanitized working area at all times.
  • Understand varying hair lengths and texture.
  • Knowledge of managing and styling the hair on the mannequin heads.
  • Properly demonstrate a shampoo and condition application with emphasis placed on water temperature, shampoo /conditioner application and distribution of the product into the hair.
  • Remove tangles
  • Blow dry the hair with a vent brush removing 98% moisture.
  • Demonstrate styling the hair using a round brush and a blow dryer

Hot Tools Unit

  • Set the hair with hot rollers. Careful analysis of the hairs texture, length and desired outcome will aid in roller placement choice.
  • Hot rollers will be removed without disturbing curl pattern and returned to casing promptly.
  • Backcomb the hair in an effort to create volume, security and support in a hairstyle.
  • Accurately brick set the hair with hot rollers or a curling iron.
  • Craft the hair into a French twist with emphasis placed securing the style with bobby/hair pins and smoothness.
  • Properly curl the hair using the proper Marcel iron techniques.
  • Properly assess the hairs length and desired outcome so that the proper curling iron size can be used to create the desired curl and style.
  • Properly manipulate the hair with tools and products into a desired texture.
  • Properly sculpt and design the hair into a 1940’s hairstyle with emphasis on smoothness and balance.

Hair Techniques Unit

  • Properly sculpt and manipulate the hair into a finger wave design
  • Properly apply waving clamps to secure the ridges of a dry or wet finger wave.
  • Properly demonstrate a French braid hairstyle, hair will be free of strays and frizz.
  • Create a fishtail braid.
  • Properly underhand French braid.
  • Properly analyze hair in male grooming based on texture, length and desired outcome
  • Properly match, change and add temporary colors to the performer.
  • Properly use human hair and synthetic wigs with confidence and will be able to create different styles.
  • Properly wrap the hair in preparation for a cap and wig application.
  • Accurately color match and measure their
  • patrons head to make specialized, clip on,
  • hair extensions.
  • Style and attach hair extension to their patron
  • Consult and style a bride/bridal party with confidence and success based on duplication of a design or style.

Character Unit

  • Develop specific character through hair and make-up.


Please note this course is an advanced level course with prerquisites. Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course. Individual courses taken on a stand-alone basis are not accredited by ACCSC. In addition, students taking stand-alone courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid and some other services that are offered to students and graduates of larger programs. Please contact us for more information.